The New Common Core is Social-Emotional Learning

Congressman Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) advocated for the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act.  He applauded social-emotional learning.  Watch below:

An excerpt: “I believe this bill helps us get back to redefining what the Common Core is. In my estimation the Common Core is – are we teaching kids mental discipline? The ability to be aware, the ability to be focused, the ability to cultivate one of the key components to a successful life and that is the ability to regulate your own emotional state. This comes well before science, technology, engineering and math. Teaching these key fundamental characteristics: mental discipline, physical discipline, focus, concentration, self-regulation – key components before you even get to the academic side… I believe there is a new way of educating our kids emerging here, there is a new Common Core developing and that is the mental discipline and the physical health of our young people.”

Ryan said in a prepared statement after voting in favor of the bill, “I am proud that this legislation includes language that will help expand and make the teaching of social and emotional learning more effective. As we have seen in my District social and emotional learning helps increase attendance, decrease suspensions and behavioral incidences, and improve attention and participation. Creating a healthy and safe environment for students to learn is essential to a quality education and I am glad that this legislation continues to advance this important cause.”

Social-Emotional learning is the new Common Core, and according to Congressman Ryan, the Every Student Succeeds Act supports that goal.  There is a reason that Democrats did a 100 percent 180º on this bill and 40 less Republicans voted in favor of it than last time.

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3 thoughts on “The New Common Core is Social-Emotional Learning

  1. The first question that popped in my head after reading this is just what would this “emotional learning really look like in a classroom?” What role would the teacher play? Will he/she be trained in how to foster the focus, interest and grit that is the so called basis for Common Core. Oh and not to mention the how Common Core provides critical thinking. I say what in the world is this man talking about? Does he even know?

    1. Well, if you actually watch the video, he says there are 270,000 kids in 213 programs around the country. He mentions the Hawn Foundation’s “Mind Up” program, which, according to the web site, is “a research-based training program for educators and children.” I agree that teachers need to be trained as well, because if they themselves haven’t mastered these life skills, how will they model and teach them to students? However, there are many programs like this emerging that are as concerned about teaching teachers as teaching kids social-emotional skills. I would say he’s pretty well-informed, and that you probably need to do your own research to address your other concerns.

  2. Just think parents, and anyone else that may care about our kids in America, *****YOUR SONS AND/OR DAUGHTERS MAY BE DEEMED NOT ELEGIBLE FOR A FUTURE CAREER BY THE TIME THEY ARE 18 YEARS OLD. YOUR KIDS WILL BE DIAGNOST, ACCORDING TO THE DATA COLLECTED THROUGH OUT THEIR SCHOOL YEARS AS ***UNEMPLOYABLE***…… So you ask, how will companies and corporation know your kids are unemployable? Good question, BECAUSE THEY OWN THE EDUCATION SYSTEM. It’s called Common Core / Federal Government and Corporate education reform……

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