Negotiating Our Way to More Fed Ed

Photo credit: UpstateNYer (CC-By-SA 3.0)
Photo credit: UpstateNYer (CC-By-SA 3.0)

U.S. Senators Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and Patty Murray (D-WA) put out the following statement:

During the last several weeks we have been working together to build the base for legislation to fix the problems with No Child Left Behind. We are making significant progress in our negotiations. We are aiming to consider and mark up legislation to fix the law during the week of April 13th.

Famous last words – “we are from the federal government and we are here to help.”

Unless the Senate is negotiating how to kill No Child Left Behind and reduce federal involvement in education I’m simply not interested. ┬áCongress should kill it, remove the testing mandate and block grant federal education funds to the states. ┬áMake President Obama veto that bill. ┬áShow you’re willing to fight for federalism and local control of education.

From what we saw H.R. 5, it seems that all Congress is doing is negotiating their way to more Fed ed.

No thanks.