Iowa Legislature to Consider Testing Preschoolers

Because we don’t do enough standardized testing.  The Des Moines Register reports that the 35-member early childhood task force recommends that all 4-year-olds enrolled in preschool be required to take the same test so they can keep better track of their progress.

A 35-member early childhood task force on Thursday chose a test now used by 80 percent of school districts that provide a preschool program: the GOLD online assessment system.

The system, which provides access to local and state data, will help teachers tailor instruction for individuals and allow families to view the assessments, according to the group’s final recommendation.

This new *must-have* test will only cost the state just shy of $400,000.  What isn’t mentioned in this article or the report  is whether this will be applied to private preschools, as well as, programs like Head Start.