Ernst Discusses ESEA Reauthorization

I was able to interview U.S. Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) while out in Washington, DC for CPAC.  I asked her thoughts on attempts to reauthorize ESEA and H.R. 5 in particular.

She said:

I’ve said this for many years, I believe standards need to be set at the state and/or local level.  I believe that we need to be empowering our parents.  We need to be empowering our school administrators, not stripping away what they believe is best for their own children.  I don’t think those guidelines should be coming from the federal government.  While I’m anxious to see what actually comes out of the House and what is produced here through the process in the Senate.  I do want to delve into that legislation to make sure that we are sending more of the power down to the local level.  I think that is going to be important.

Here’s the video.