Video: How Corporations and Big Government Collaborate

The Heritage Foundation this morning hosted a panel discussion with Emmett McGroarty and Jane Robbins with American Principles Project and Erin Tuttle with Hoosiers Against Common Core to discuss their book Deconstructing the Administrative State: The Fight for Liberty.

Recent congressional hearings on social media regulation are yet another reminder of the seemingly unceasing expansion of the administrative state. In their new book, McGroarty, Robbins, and Tuttle examine the political philosophy and tactics behind this “seismic shift” of power from the people to unaccountable technocrats.

This morning’s panel discussed how corporate America is complicit in this expansion which is something we have noticed with Common Core and the push to replace classical education and the well-rounded education it provides with workforce development and career pathways.

You can watch the entire panel discussion below:

One thought on “Video: How Corporations and Big Government Collaborate

  1. Just one of many reasons why the lobbyists need to be outlawed. They bribe their way into the political process by hook and crook! Legislate and regulate then pass the tab to the taxpayers…it’s a never ending abyss!

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