(Video) Duke Pesta & Sandra Stotsky Discuss “Changing the Course of Failure”

FreedomProject Media last week released their third video with Dr. Duke Pesta and Dr. Sandra Stotsky. They discuss Stotsky’s new book, Changing the Course of Failure: How Schools and Parents Can Help Low-Achieving Students, aimed at identifying the problems low-achieving students are facing in public schools and common sense solutions that can help turn things around.

Stotsky describes the book here:

The basic purpose of this book is to help policy makers at all levels of government understand that (1) widespread adolescent underachievement is not susceptible to solution by educational interventions no matter how much money is allocated to public education; and (2) there are unidentified educational and civic costs to focusing on low achievement and to expecting public institutions of education (for K–12 and college) to solve a growing social problem. Many policy makers seem to think that teachers/schools are the primary cause of low achievement. Educational institutions still cannot solve a non-education-caused problem and haven’t done so for over fifty years despite all the public and private money that has been allocated. The book concludes with suggested policies for addressing the damage to public education from “gap-closing” standards and with suggested areas for policy making in order to change the current course of failure for many low-achieving students.

Watch their discussion below:

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  1. Here in Lake County, FL, the County School District is allowing low performers into AP classes, so now high expectation parents are pushing for more advanced classes like IBT (turned down due to excess costs and Eurocentric Unite Nations focus), or a new EVEN MORE advanced AP series of classes.

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