Upcoming Book: Roots of Low Achievement

Dr. Sandra Stotsky, a leading critic of the Common Core State Standards, wrote a new book to be released in August of 2019.

The chief purpose of Roots of Low Achievement: Where to Begin Altering Them, according to the publishers Rowman & Littlefield, is to help policymakers at all levels of government understand that:

  1. Widespread adolescent underachievement is not susceptible to solution by educational interventions no matter how much money policymakers allocate to public education.
  2. There are unidentified educational and civic costs to focusing on low achievement and expecting public institutions of education (for K–12 and college) to solve this growing social problem.

Stotsky notes that many policymakers seem to think that teachers/schools are the primary cause of low achievement, but that is not the case. She writes in the book that for the last 50 years, educational institutions have not solved a problem caused outside the education realm despite all the public and private money that has been allocated.

Stotsky concludes with suggested policies for addressing the damage to public education from “gap-closing” standards and attempted reforms to change the current course of failure for many low-achieving students.

Stotsky is a professor of education emerita at the University of Arkansas and was Senior Associate Commissioner at the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education from 1999-2003. She has authored several books and many reports and articles on the school curriculum, K-12 standards, teacher training, and teacher licensing tests.

The last book she wrote, entitled Changing the Course of Failure: How Schools and Parents Can Help Low-Achieving Students, was released in 2018

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