The Zombie Reform

With Michelle Moore

Common Core

just won’t die.

It’s alive, alright.

Maybe under an alias, but it’s the same old poison … spawning troubling stuff. 

Half-time band-shows that disrespect law enforcement. Kindergarten teachers hosting “Transition” ceremonies … for a five-year-old boy who fancies himself a girl.

How about Black Lives Matter curriculum guides?  Hijab days? Sanctuary elementary schools? Co-ed bathrooms?

Or fifth graders staging a school walk-out to protest the 2nd Amendment … because every ten year old has wrestled with the issue of fire arms since they were five.

That’s uneasy stuff.

Like those howlers pounding on the Senate doors. Or law-makers getting mugged in elevators. Guess where they got their start?

And thosee shriekers in the Supreme Court nomination hearings?  Wonder where they learned those tantrum tactics?

The schools.

Your schools.

The ones you finance.

They were brainwashed there. Programmed in those schools. And now they’re out to tear the country apart. 

So, it’s out with the old … and in with the bizarre. And get the hell out of the way… or you’ll get tattooed with some nasty nicknames.

Schools now manufacture unfairness. And anger. And they blame America non-stop.

For everything.

Is Common Core really to blame for this almost-anarchy? For this national anxiety?

Maybe not entirely, but it’s certainly a factor.

And here’s why.

Common Core isn’t just crappy reading instruction and screwy new math. Or too little recess. And not enough art and music. Or fun. 

That reform let some very bad genies out of the bottle.

Drag queens get the ‘red carpet’ treatment in elementary schools …


but Christopher Columbus is ignored … or put on trial. And then erased completely.

Now it’s chi-chi for high schoolers to indict the Founding Fathers, rap about “white privilege” … and defend 52 sexual identities.

It’s okay for sixth graders to get the low-down on anal sex … because some creeps  insist it’s all about “healthy living”. And reform-addicted air-heads agree it’s essential to a “well-rounded education”.

No, it’s not. 

There’s nothing “well-rounded” about that crap. But the tasteless and weird are snug under the big tent of Common Core reform.

So American history gets skewered, capitalism gets kicked around, and LGBT junk becomes way more welcomed than the Ten Commandments.

Wacky crusaders and freaky ideologues get big plates at the school buffet of all-you-can-serve-up nonsense.

So it’s cool to condemn the Constitution. Edgy to indict America as the worst ever … because she’s responsible for all the bad weather, all the dirty seas, and all the bad men in the world.

Civics is gone.  The Pledge has been mothballed. Patriotism is out …  Christmas, too. But Cinco de Mayo is too cool to ignore. So, it’s a school trip to Taco Bell for paper sombreros … and some Mexican flags.

And if you speak up … and rattle this cage … expect to be called a bigot or racist or worse.

But teachers are free to rail against the military or make climate change their classroom obsession.  Same with gun control … or illegal immigration … or socialism. 

They can openly hate Christianity … or Israel … or capitalism. Don’t be surprised if they make heroes out of Castro and Che. And maybe glue a poster of Colin Kaepernick to the classroom ceiling.

You get the point.  

They’e in charge. 

Not you.

Common Core has given educational cover for a small and noisy minority of ideological polluters to insist that America be altered, changed, renovated, rejuvenated, redirected … and most especially … cured. 

But only if those cures pass a liberal muster.

America needs to be shamed … tattooed as infamous. And it’s time to silence those who think this is an exceptional nation because … because it makes us standout a bit too much from the rest of the miserable world. And we can’t have that. No, siree.

The national teachers unions … the NEA and the AFT … have pledged more political activism … even as test scores nose-dive and public approval of public education sinks.

Hey N.E.A..jpg

But they just don’t get it.

You’re gonna have to make ’em get it.

Start by voting …  then take your schools back.


4 thoughts on “The Zombie Reform

  1. This article covers a lot of territory— as it should if our people are to understand fully the scope and depth of this “brave new world”— that of removing traditional or Judeo-Christian values from contemporary education.

    The bottom line is schools are a mirror of a society’s values. Therefore, we have to figure out how to change the school culture that doesn’t reflect the outside culture which, as Sen. Patrick Moynihan described 40 years ago, had begun “defining deviancy downward.”

    I know there are millions of good people in our country. Just count all the first responders in the military, law enforcement, other government agencies, charities, churches, and individuals. If we could find a way to mobilize them to start turning the tide of cultural destruction with its basis in education, we could start the very long cleanup process that will be needed.

    Voting for good people is a start. Do we have the passion to continue that momentum for decades? That’s what it will take.

  2. You are so right. There are good, kind, and just folks all around. But this noisy, violent minority has caught the media eye … for whatever reason … so they sop up the moment … and supposedly gather up lots of support.

    We’ll see. We’ll see.

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