The Clumsy Use of Education Technology

The Sydney Morning Herald reported some jarring language from Microsoft on schools use of education technology. They claim the “wheels are falling off technology in schools.”

The Herald‘s Jordan Baker writes:

Computer giant Microsoft warns clumsy use of technology is hurting rather than helping learning, and says schools must stop blindly letting students use devices without understanding whether they’re engaging or simply entertaining them.

The global company will on Tuesday launch Transforming Education, a book it describes as an ”intervention”. It argues schools across the world have not paid enough attention to planning for technology or understanding how it can help.

Vice-president of Worldwide Education for Microsoft, Anthony Salcito, said schools should learn from past mistakes when they implemented technology in the future. “It’s not unlike the historical transition from horse-drawn carriages to automobiles,” he said.

“At the moment we are watching lots of schools drive their cars off the road.”

I agree schools are jumping into using education technology without much thought about its consequences. I’m just a *tad* skeptical that Microsoft will show us the way to do it (using their products of course).

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