Silicon Valley’s Influence on Public Education

The New York Times published an interesting article about how Silicon Valley companies have pushed coding into public schools.

Natasha Singer writes:

At a White House gathering of tech titans last week, Timothy D. Cook, the chief executive of Apple, delivered a blunt message to President Trump on how public schools could better serve the nation’s needs. To help solve a “huge deficit in the skills that we need today,” Mr. Cook said, the government should do its part to make sure students learn computer programming.

“Coding,” Mr. Cook told the president, “should be a requirement in every public school.”

The Apple chief’s education mandate was just the latest tech company push for coding courses in schools. But even without Mr. Trump’s support, Silicon Valley is already advancing that agenda — thanks largely to the marketing prowess of, an industry-backed nonprofit group.

This push coincides with corporations’ interest in public education and a shift to a focus on workforce development to be ready for “21st-century jobs.”

Would these jobs certainly include computer programming right?

The article questions the motives behind this.

Computer science is also essential to American tech companies, which have become heavily reliant on foreign engineers. Mr. Trump’s efforts to limit immigration make’s teach-Americans-to-code agenda even more attractive to the industry.

In a few short years, has raised more than $60 million from Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Salesforce, along with individual tech executives and foundations. It has helped to persuade two dozen states to change their education policies and laws, Mr. Partovi said, while creating free introductory coding lessons, called Hour of Code, which more than 100 million students worldwide have tried….

…. But’s multilevel influence machine also raises the question of whether Silicon Valley is swaying public schools to serve its own interests — in this case, its need for software engineers — with little scrutiny. “If I were a state legislator, I would certainly be wondering about motives,” said Sarah Reckhow, an assistant professor of political science at Michigan State University. “You want to see public investment in a skill set that is the skill set you need for your business?”

Public dollars to help prepare future employees for these companies. There was a time workforce development, and job training was done by the companies themselves. Now they want us to pay for it.

4 thoughts on “Silicon Valley’s Influence on Public Education

  1. Some questions that immediately come to mind:

    What about kids that have no interest in coding?

    Haven’t Americans been let go from such jobs after they have trained their foreign-born replacements who are typically paid less?

    Is this a way to decrease the pay of such workers, as there will be more people with such knowledge competing for these jobs?

    Also, Tim Cook, I thought public schools existed to educate the people. Your company has plenty of money to train its own workforce. What you desire is corporate welfare.

    I’m tired of all the so called experts. Amateurs built the ark, while professionals built the Titanic. One stayed afloat, and the other sunk. Take a hike, experts!

  2. What Mr. Tim Crook isn’t saying is that IT, as is, isn’t viable anymore due to infestation from the H1B, L1, and OPT programs. It’s NOT a viable career. They just want an even BIGGER workforce so that the wages will plummet even more.

    (The Left did the same thing by claiming a shortage of workers in construction, etc, and bringing in all the illegals to make wages go through the floor.)

    As for the Career Technical Education stuff at the federal level, at one point, they were trying to fund it with the H1B application fees of the, thankfully failed, Gang of Eight bill.

  3. Dee, I know of the following that either let go Americans and made them train their foreign replacements, or, in the case of Hewelett Packard, let Americans go only to hire H1Bs:

    Toys R Us
    New York Life Insurance
    Disney World
    Abbot Labs
    Southern California Edison
    Northeast Utilities
    Emblem Health
    University of California
    Catelina Marketing
    Molina Healthcare Inc.
    Carnival Corporation
    Mass Mutual
    Harley Davidson

    What these guys often do is they use third party Indian body shops like Tata to use a loophole in the law to displace Americans. These H1Bs may get the same pay (though many have said less and I’ve heard cases of them working for only $2/hr or even free!) as Americans but they might get assigned horrible conditions, long hours, and no pay raises cuz if they complain, they get sent back. It’s indentured servitude basically. And some Indians, once hired here and getting into management, only hire other Indians.

    Also, I’m not bashing Indians. I am working with a guy from India to end H1B and bring in green cards for the true best and brightest. Right now, the Indian body shops call the shots and while people can get in on H1B or on the uncapped (unlimited, possibly) L1 visas, those wanting green cards can be stuck waiting in decades (the guy I talked to said he was gonna end up waiting 70 years) of backlog.

    And the colleges are in on it. They like the OPT program, hire H1Bs (it’s not just University of California, though they got the press) and they are for Dream Act, DACA, etc too. And since the colleges are getting more students due to government and their takeover of the student loan process, they are raising their rates.

    Plus, as Common Core is making everyone “College and Career Ready”, thus more are pushed into colleges and the colleges get rich. Of course, the Left tries to get outright communism with “free” college to try and get votes.

    What I’ve found in this fed ed program is that 13 federal departments, at least 13 anyway, will be, along with corporations, deciding the vocation of students. Those awful Common Core tests are part of the key to determine where you work (though with Social Emotional Learning on the rise, they are also psychologically profiling people too to detect enemies of the state ahead of time.)

    Also, DeVos is lying to you. Common Core is NOT dead. She is pals with big Common Core support John Engler, who also happens to support “school choice”. Since the feds control the money, the only choice you’ll get will be DC approved.

    And yes, there is the Gay Agenda being pushed. They are teaching the Gay/Trans agenda in 8th grade as part of the sexuality standards. Also, the Next Generation “Science” standards include “climate change” indoctrination.

    And yes, there definitely is Islamic indoctrination.

  4. Yes, that is their agenda, to have the taxpayers pay for training for a serf class of laborers who won’t be able to get the skills to work elsewhere. Yes, they are using the “education” system as a Rockefeller wet dream “worker factory”.

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