Gates Wants More Global Assessments

Photo credit: World Economic Forum (CC-By-SA 2.0)

I saw this piece of news last month but did not have a chance to share it here. Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder and Philanthropist, wants more global education assessments.

AP reports:

This year marks new intertwining priorities for Gates’ domestic and international work as it focuses on global education quality while also broadening its U.S. agenda to look at overarching poverty issues. In June, Gates announced a new initiative that would focus on “global education learning,” committing $68 million over the next four years to help improve primary and secondary education in India and African countries. And in May, the foundation also committed to delving deeper into systemic poverty in the U.S. by looking at both defined and abstract challenges such as racism and housing.

The foundation said the U.S. and global education work are both rooted in their belief that a quality education can best uplift those in poverty, though its two programs will operate separately because the challenges and solutions are different.

Gates said it will support new data systems that will make it possible to compare student outcomes across the globe. Gates said last year that the first step to measuring education quality will be to develop better “cross-national assessments,” particularly for math and reading among younger students. Its new report cites UNESCO’s estimates that over 600 million students are not minimally proficient, lamenting that few countries collect enough data points that would identify where their “learning crisis” lies.

Gates’ education reforms are not working here so of course the thing to do is export them! 

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  1. This is a Global Mind Control system, pure and simple…. Global indoctrination and Global Psychological Surveillance.

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