EU Spreading the “Gospel” of Workforce Development to South Africa

A missionary from the European Union traveled to South Africa to share the gospel, but not the Gospel that you might think.

Instead, he’s bringing the gospel of workforce development and a managed economy. South African students, he says, needs to focus on skills.

The South African news site, Business Day, reports:

A top EU official is very concerned about the mismatch between SA’s education system and the skills required for the job market.

Stefano Manservisi, director-general of the European Commission’s directorate for international co-operation and development, says the country must take steps to bridge the skills gap — the difference between the skills required and those employees have attained.

They continue:

According to the EU’s Directorate for International Co-operation and Development, the union’s bilateral co-operation with SA, which runs from 2014  to 2020, focuses on employment creation, education, training and innovation. The total EU allocation over this period is €268m. 

Key projects under the bilateral co-operation include the Primary Education Sector Policy Support Programme, which supports the government’s objective to expand the provision of early childhood development opportunities, to improve curriculum implementation in schools, and to strengthen the initial training of teachers in SA. This has led to an increase in the number of universities training teachers for early grades and the number of students enrolled in such programmes.

Not only are the spreading the message, but they are funding it as well.

The thing is, “gospel” means “good news” and this is anything but. If South Africa wants to ruin its primary and secondary education system then they will adapt this advice. If they want to preserve it then they should go see what has proven to work.