West Virginia Board of Education Offers Resolution on Student Data

Yesterday the West Virginia Board of Education approved a resolution related to how student data will be handled in the state.  Here is a copy of the resolution:


It’s a step. Similar to a resolution signed by Iowa Governor Terry Branstad it spells out that only aggregate data will be released to the Feds “when necessary to fulfill the requirements of state and/or federal laws, rules or regulations.”

Data protection, however, needs to be codified by the State Legislature.

Also, this statement gives me pause “Student PII (personally identifiable information) shall never be released by the LEA (local education agency) for any reason not specifically required by state laws, rules, or regulations without the advance written authorization by the parent/legal guardian of a minor, or by the student who is at least 18 years of age.”

Now I’m sure the board is trying to hedge here because they can’t overrule state law.  West Virginians need a state law saying student PII shall never be released period.  Tell me what reason would any entity other than the school itself need with PII?  None.

Also they need to spell out what they mean by PII.

It’s a first step, but there is plenty of room for improvement (and it does not repeal the Common Core State Standards along with its assessments).