Utah Education Chief Larry Shumway Retiring

shumwayThe Salt Lake Tribune reports this morning that Utah State Superintendent of Education Larry Shumway plans to retire after only three years on the job.  A time Lisa Schencker, author of the article, says was marked by “debates over academic standards and testing and a recession that strained schools here and nationwide.”

Of note our partners in Utah’s work was mentioned, “In recent months, some conservative groups have lashed out at state education leaders over their adoption of Common Core academic standards, saying they’ll lead to a loss of local control — a claim leaders and Shumway flatly refute.”

Utahns Against the Common Core, Utah Eagle Forum, and others did much to put pressure on Shumway and the Utah State Board of Education.  I sincerely hope that more state education chiefs will start to feel the heat as well.  I know Tony Bennett in Indiana is.  Hopefully their will be others who start to long for retirement.  We need to ramp it up in other states as well.  These education chiefs along with the state boards have ushered in a transformation in education without so much as a public debate.  This lack of public engagement has left us with a bad product.

It’s time for those responsible to be held accountable.