Updated: Texas You Have a Huge CSCOPE Vote on Monday

Adam Cahnman reports that there is a big vote in the Texas House today on CSCOPE – SB 1406.

One of the most important votes of the 83rd Texas Legislature will occur today when the Texas House votes on SB 1406.  If passed, this bill will take all things CSCOPE out of the hand of bureaucrats and place them under the supervision of Texas’ elected State Board of Education.  This will begin to control CSCOPE.

Read more here.  Based on their recent vote on the Common Core I’d be surprised if this doesn’t pass.

Update: Robert Scott emailed me tonight with an update. “The bill was just sent back to committee. We all assume there was a valid point of order on the bill so they need to send it back to fix it.”

Update 5/16: The CSCOPE Oversight bill (SB 1406) has been placed back on the General State Calendar for Monday, May 20th for debate and a vote by the House.