Oklahoma Legislators Not Happy With New Standards

Oklahoma State Capitol Building - Photo credit: Serge Melki (CC-By-SA 2.0)
Oklahoma State Capitol Building
Photo credit: Serge Melki (CC-By-SA 2.0)

Oklahoma lawmakers are considering a bill that would require the Oklahoma State Board of Education to further revise the new standards that will replace permanently replace the Common Core State Standards that were repealed in 2014. They have been using their previous standards, PASS, in the interim.

Rick Green at The Oklahoman reports:

The Oklahoma Legislature will take up bills next week that would order revisions in the proposal.

State Rep. Jason Nelson, R-Oklahoma City, said it’s not a matter of asking the department to go back to the drawing board, but more in the realm of tweaks and editing changes.

“Overall, the people who spent an enormous amount of time on this did a great job,” he said.

“None of us are trying to play standards experts. But there is room for improvement in an otherwise good product.”

Nelson said the South Central Comprehensive Center at the University of Oklahoma did a comparison of the proposed standards with Common Core. Issues noted in that report form the basis for revisions he would like to see made.

Nelson is right, they shouldn’t have to scrap what they have done already, but revisions are desperately needed. Jenni White of Reclaim Oklahoma Parent Engagement has listed current problems with the standards.  These shouldn’t require a rewrite. It’s important for Oklahoma to get this right, I hope the Oklahoma Legislature will direct the State Board of Education to take some more time so they can do just that.