North Dakota Lawmakers Introduce Common Core Repeal Bill

HB 1432 has been filed and introduced into the North Dakota House Education Committee. The bill does a few things.

  1. It says the Superintendent of Public Instruction is not allowed to enter the state into any multi-state consortium.
  2. It further limits the Superintendent’s authority by striking from their code that the Superintendent will direct a rewrite process for standards, instead the Superintendent will just be a participant. No new standards can be implemented without the Legislature’s consent.
  3. It removes North Dakota from Smarter Balanced.
  4. It repeals the Common Core State Standards.
  5. It adopts the pre-Common Core Massachusetts academic standards that helped, along with other reforms, make the Bay State a leader in K-12 education. It also requires the development of an assessment aligned to those standards.
  6. It respects the right of parents to opt their student out of any activity, practice or testing without interference from the state.
  7. The new assessment can be taken by computer, but it won’t be required.
  8. The assessment is also to be available on the education department’s website for public review for thirty days after the assessment is given.
  9. It prohibits the collection of data pertaining to “values, attitudes, beliefs, or personality traits of a student or the family of the student or the medical, behavioral, mental, biometric, or psychometric of a student of (sic) the family of the student.”
  10. It directs local school districts to establish “fundamental academic curriculum” that defines academic objectives based on the school’s mission, long-term student educational goals, and student performance objectives. The bill also requires a public review and comment period time of 30 days before the final review.
  11. It bans all state agencies and departments from using state resources to promote Common Core, Common Core-aligned course content standards or Common Core-aligned assessments.

This bill has been sponsored by State Representatives Ben Koppleman, Larry Bellew, Daniel Johnston, James Kasper, Christopher Olson, Karen Rohr, Dan Ruby, and Robin Weisz, as well as, State Senators Randall Burckhard, Jordan Kanninen, Jerry Klein, and Oley Larsen.