Mick Zais’ Battle for Education Reform in South Carolina

Ben Velderman of the Education Action Group wrote an excellent profile on South Carolina State Superintendent of Education Mick Zais in a guest post over at Caffeinated Carolina.  I encourage you to read it.

Here’s a money quote for me:

“The education industrial complex is bipartisan,” Zais said. “We have RINOs – Republicans in Name Only – who are intimidated by the lobbying groups that get the public and the teachers all excited that we’re trying to destroy public education. In reality, we want to make it better and more accountable.”

To achieve those ends, he believes local schools must be given more authority and responsibility.

“There’s too much control coming out of Washington and Columbia,” Zais said.

‘Our traditional schools have a monopoly’…

“Our traditional schools have a monopoly,” Zais said. “And monopolies have little incentive for improving or controlling costs. Accountability, competition and incentives have the power to transform the system.”

Zais’ education reform proposals are designed to break that monopoly.

Ah music to my ears.  Think South Carolina would switch with Iowa?  South Carolinians are fortunate to have a man like Zais at the helm of the State Department of Education.