Maybe Bubble Tests Aren’t So Bad After All

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Tennessee just experienced an online testing meltdown yesterday, Chalkbeat reports:

Within minutes after some schools statewide began administering the TNReady test developed by North Carolina-based Measurement Inc., the company’s online platform experienced a severe network outage, prompting state officials to order districts to stop the testing immediately if they were experiencing technical difficulties.

By the end of the day, the issues not resolved, Education Commissioner Candice McQueen emailed district directors to stop the process altogether because, she said, “we are not confident in the system’s ability to perform consistently.”

The admission and change of plans are a major blow to McQueen and her Education Department, which have worked with Measurement Inc. since October 2014 to develop a new assessment that moves Tennessee schools to online testing and also is aligned with Tennessee’s current Common Core standards. Even before then, the state had prepared for years for the switch to online testing.


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  1. TNReady was not created by Measurement Inc. MI was hired by TN to supply new assessments but MI contracted with AIR/SMARTER BALANCE to provide the assessments. And AIR leased their own Common Core aligned assessments created for Utah’s SAGE assessments for the state of Tennessee at approximately $2.3 million per year. As I tried to warn our legislators when they pushed to get out of PARCC it doesn’t matter who you hire either PARCC or Smarter Balance are lurking in the background. TNReady is adaptive Common Core aligned tests created by the social/behavior research company AIR. The digital platform is dangerous and I highly recommend parents demand paper and pencil tests and real books. A child sitting at a computer all day is not healthy and parents have no idea what their children are learning. The computer also collects biometric data with every key stroke. Books never go off line. Paper and pencil tests never go off line. When a parent cannot see a test their child has taken they should be very suspicious. There is no way I would allow my child to take a test that after if was graded I was not allowed to see it. Adaptive testing is dangerous and does not measure a child’s academic achievement. It can easily make even the lowest IQ child look like a super star. I can only say one thing at this point…..parents really need to get their children out of the system. Time to STARVE THE BEAST. As long as we keep feeding the beast our children it will continue to get bigger. Take away the children the beast dies.

      1. Shane….my intent was not to correct what you wrote and I want to make sure you know that. I apologize if my comment came across as negative. I am so glad you wrote about what is going on in TN. My intent was to add to your information about what is taking place in TN. Again, thanks for covering this situation.

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