Iowa Lawmaker: Iowa Department of Education Not Responsible for Success

iowa_deGovernor Terry Branstad gave his Condition of the State address where a lions share dealt with education.  This follows-up his unveiling of his education plan yesterday

State Representative Jason Schultz (R-Schleswig) had this to say regarding the piece on education:

Schultz said that he was completely supportive of his property tax reform ideas, but was less enthusiastic about his education agenda.  Schultz noted that two years ago the Republican-led Iowa House passed an education package that highlighted local control, home rule and independent accreditation for non-public schools.  He wants to see ideas like those highlighted.

“I don’t believe the Department of Education is responsible for any of the success in education, so I don’t see any reason to give them any more regulatory authority.  I’m looking forward to looking at Governor Branstad’s education reform package keeping that in mind,” Schultz said.

Schultz said that the primary thing that will help student achievement wasn’t discussed, “I’m looking at the breakdown of the family and a sound family environment where kids are fed, well dressed, and have help with their homework.  Government can’t fix that.  They can get out of the way. It is the students who do not have a support structure within the family who are bringing this discussion on and while it probably wouldn’t have been a good fit in the Condition of the State address I would like to see the Governor address it.”

Good question, if the Department isn’t responsible for any success in Iowa schools past or present, why are we granting them more authority?