Important Education Bills Before Arizona Legislature


I wanted to share some information emailed to me by Olga Tarro, a parent and education activist in Arizona about some bills that require some attention.

First the good bills….

A bill before the Arizona House and its companion bill in the Senate seek to return local control to schools by allowing them to choose the test they use. This bill will be heard this week.  Here is the bill summary:

HB2544/ SB1321 The state board of education (SBE) shall adopt a menu of statewide achievement assessments to measure pupil achievement beginning in the 2017-2018 school year. The assessments provided must be of “high quality” and demonstrate that they meet or exceed the state board’s adopted academic standards; that the cost to administer each assessment is not more then current assessment cost; and provide a third part evaluation of each assessment to show that it is of high-quality and meets standards.

Then the bad bill….

Apparently some legislators not happy with Diane Douglass have introduced a bill that would shift powers and duties away from the elected Superintendent of Public Instruction to the unelected State Board of Education.

The bill SB 1416 was just added and it is expected to be heard tomorrow.

Arizona friends please contact members of the Arizona House and Senate Education Committees. Their contact information is below:

House Education Committee:  Ask these Legislators to support HB2544 and NOT to support SB1416 

Senate Education Committee:  Ask these Legislators to support SB1321 and NOT to support SB1416