Data Privacy & Opt-Out Bills Before Arizona Senate


A Stop Common Core activist in Arizona sent an email about two different bills being heard in the Arizona Legislature.

HB 2088 passed the Arizona House 24 to 2 on March 1st, and will be heard in the Arizona Senate Education Committee. The bill requires parental notification and written parental consent for any survey that becomes a part of their student’s permanent record and that asks for personally identifiable identification.

Update: This bill passed out of committee.

A parental assessment opt-out bill, SB 1455, failed to pass the Arizona Senate on a 11 to 18 vote on March 7. Senator Begay has filed a motion to reconsider that was carried so the bill gets a second chance. Arizona parents and activists should contact members of the Senate and urge them to vote yes on this bill.

Remind Senators that seven other states have opt-out language and have not lost federal funding, and the Every Student Succeeds Act leaves the option of allow parents to opt-out to the states.  Apparently scare tactics have been used on the senators which were effective when they last voted. Ultimately parents have the natural right to opt their children out of assessments as they are the ones who are ultimately responsible for their student’s education, this is just codifying it.