Alabama Legislature Tramples on Local Control in Favor of Tourism and Tax Revenue

A school start date mandate was passed in Alabama as the Alabama Legislature overrode Alabama Governor Robert Bentley’s veto.  From the Montgomery Advertiser:

Most Alabama school children will be headed back to school later after the Alabama Legislature has voted to override Gov. Robert Bentley’s veto of a bill that proposes many school children returning to class later in the year after summer vacation.

The Alabama Senate voted 23-8 Thursday to pass the bill despite the governor’s veto. Bentley had also added an executive amendment that would have given local school systems the choice to opt out of the later school start date.

The sponsor, Republican Rep. Randy Davis of Daphne, says the law would extend Alabama’s tourist season and allow the state to collect more tax revenue.

Opponents complained the new law would take control of the school calendar from local school systems.

This is something that was tried and fortunately failed in Iowa.