Zephyr Teachout, Democratic Challenger to NY Gov. Cuomo, Blasts Common Core

_zephyr_teachout_cc_imgZephyr Teachout, who teaches law at Fordham University, is challenging Governor Andrew Cuomo in the Democratic Primary.  She outlines her concerns about the Common Core in a recent op/ed published last night:

The idea of a shared, high standard sounds appealing. But in practice what Common Core means is that students and teachers are subject to a grueling regime of tests that the citizens and families of our state never really had the chance to discuss. In the words of education historian Diane Ravitch, the imposition of Bill Gates’ Common Core has been “the closest thing to an educational coup in the history of the United States.”

Common Core forces teachers to adhere to a narrow set of standards, rather than address the personal needs of students or foster their creativity. That’s because states that have adopted the standards issue mandatory tests whose results are improperly used to grade a teacher’s skill and even to determine if he or she keeps their job. These tests have created enormous and undue stress on students, and eroded real teaching and real learning. What’s more, there’s sound reason to question whether these standards even measure the right things or raise student achievement. No doubt, many teachers have found parts of the standards useful in their teaching, but there is a big difference between optional standards offered as support, and standards foisted on teachers regardless of students’ needs.

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The Democratic primary will be held on December 9, and the winner will go up against Republican county executive Rob Astorino in the general election.  Astorino is also working to appear on a Stop Common Core ballot line.