Your Help is Needed for Oklahoma State Board of Education Meeting

oklahoma-state-flag-mapRestore Oklahoma Public Education requests the help of fellow Sooners for the upcoming Oklahoma State Board of Education meeting coming up this Thursday, July 25th.  If you are able please be at the meeting that is being held at the Oliver Hodge Building (northest of the Capitol on the Capitol Complex – 2500 N.Lincoln, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  73105) before 9:15a to speak against the Common Core.

They write on their blog:

We can’t affect the legislature right now as they are not in session.  The state School Board, however, meets monthly.  Many of you may have read our blog about us being denied comment at the last state School Board meeting.

Last month, we were told by Chief of Staff Joel Robison that we would be allowed to speak THIS MONTH, at the meeting on JULY 25!

We are asking you to please come and help us FLOOD the tiny room in which the meetings are held.  WE MUST MAKE AN IMPACT!  If we’re going to win this battle, WE MUST SHOW UP.  We know you are out there, we know there are THOUSANDS of you with us, but no one else will know unless you SHOW UP.

Please, be at the Oliver Hodge Building (the one northeast of the capitol on the Capitol Complex on Lincoln) on the first floor.  Go in the northwest facing door, walk passed the secretary’s office door and turn right at the next.  Go all the way down the hall to the meeting room.  Outside the door, there will be a table.  Sign in for public comment, indicating Common Core.  You MUST be there NO LATER THAN 9:15 to sign in and speak.  You will only have 3 minutes to speak, so I suggest you type up your thoughts (bring some copies to hand out to the media) in order to say all you feel you need to say.

I know this isn’t fun.  I know there are things you’d rather do.  Consider it “taking one for the team”!  We ask you to sign up and commit to coming. You can do that here.