Who Is Winning the Common Core War? Citizens Are.

Anne Gassel and I presented at the Constitutional Coalition Common Core conference this weekend and my speech was about the importance of social media to present the facts (not paid propaganda) about Common Core.  I encouraged attendees to utilize social media to share messages of how CCSS was adopted/implemented while circumventing legislatures and voters, reveal the truth on the elites behind the funding (Bill Gates Foundation and other ed reform corporations), creators (David Coleman, Jason Zimba) or PR messengers (Chambers of Commerce) of the standards, and how we are winning the  the Common Core war.

Here is the proof that citizen and state led (authentic “state led”, not “private organization led” as CCSS has turned out to be) anti-common core groups are making a huge difference in what parents know about Common Core.  Corporations who stand to profit from this education reform have to spend yet more money to promote a PR message so people will support the corporate led vision of nationalized education:

common core collaborative

From Matt Gandal’s (former Race to the Top guru who left the USDOEd for a job in the private sector: Education Strategy Group) power point presentation (pdf) to the American Association of State Colleges and Universities December 2013 about the Common Core Communications Collaborative:

gates new ccss group

Why was this group formed?

common core gandal 2

What message are critics broadcasting?

common core gandal 3

The critics’ claims are valid based on the research countless individuals and state groups have uncovered.  But what is the Common Core’s lobby PR messaging to these concerns?

common core gandal 4

The ed reformers are worried about the right and the left and that lawmakers might just listen to them.  It’s somewhat incredulous the collaborative states opposition to the standards are not based on facts when the standards were not developed from data or best practices.  The pushback by state citizens is massive. (If your state is not listed on here, kick up your protest or start a movement):

common core gandal 5

Gosh, the stakeholders (aka the Governors, Education Commissioners, State Board of Education members and the Ed Reform corporatists who support the standards) didn’t think that the neglected stakeholders (parents and citizens) would have concern about this legislation that circumvented them and the legislatures:

common core gandal 6

I’ll leave you with these two power points showing how citizen pushback (hint to this Bill Gates funded organization, we are NOT well funded or taking our orders from right wing think tanks) is affecting the Common Core implementation and will hasten its demise:

common core gandal 7

common core gandal 8

So take heart! Keep up the fight and start using that social media to get the facts out about Common Core. Tweet this article with the disheartening news from the ed reformers. Let your legislators know how support for the “state led” standards that bypassed the legislators and citizens in those states is diminishing and we won’t quit until the CCSSI disappears into the history books as a failed education reform and attempt at corporate takeover of public education.

3 thoughts on “Who Is Winning the Common Core War? Citizens Are.

  1. I love the slide that presents the bad news: “support diminishes after hearing pro vs. con arguments.”

  2. Awareness is key. if over 70% have NOT heard of Common Core, the message must get to parents, grandparents, school board, Christian leaders, who may not know that the worldview CC is based on is postmodern. The worldview, when I researched it, scared me. To hear a teacher say, “Modesty means what we talk about in the classroom is private. You don’t tell your parents,” is frightening. Expose the worldview and the parents will take note.

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