William Bennett, What Watered Down Massachusetts Standards?

Former Secretary of Education, author, and radio personality William Bennett has been a vocal cheerleader for the Common Core State Standards. He recently authored an op/ed at FoxNews.com that lauded the Every Student Succeeds Act, President Donald Trump, and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

He then says something that I find utterly fascinating.

Although daunting, this is not an insurmountable task. Several states have done an excellent job at reforming and improving education outcomes. Take Massachusetts, for example. In the 1990s, the Bay State dramatically raised standards, improved accountability and raised the bar for teacher certification. Within several years, it became the nation’s leader in education and on par with some of the leading countries in the world. (However, there is a legitimate concern today that Massachusetts has begun watering down some of its rigorous standards and that performance is starting to backslide.)

Well, I wonder what caused Massachusetts to backslide? How did they begin to water down their rigorous standards? Hmmmm……

Oh yeah, they adopted the Common Core State Standards. Even the Boston Herald and the Boston Globe at the time said they were dumbing down Massachusetts’ academic standards by replacing them with Common Core. Yes, the same Common Core that Bill Bennett has tirelessly advocated for.

Bill Bennett, thanks for jumping on the bandwagon seven years too late. You are now just noticing what those of us fighting Common Core years ago saw – they are subpar.

6 thoughts on “William Bennett, What Watered Down Massachusetts Standards?

  1. William Bennett is a watered down himself and is obviously out of touch as he has been for decades. Boy could I tell you some stories about William Bennett.

  2. Couldn’t agree more with this article but surprised the smart people of Mass. let this happen.

    1. MA’s elected allowed it to happen for the $$$$. They are the worst of all states. They had THE BEST education success in America and they sold it for a few million bucks. The first time MA applied for RTTT they did not agree to adopt national standards and they did not get selected. During the 2nd round they applied again and the only thing they changed was to agree to national standards. BINGO they were awarded money in round #2. So that alone proves that if you did not agree to the national standards pushed by the program you got no money. Bill Bennett is so out of touch. He stands there and cannot figure out why MA is doing as well as it should. All the while he pushes Common Core and Choice. He obviously has had one too many bourbons.

  3. Repeal ESSA is only way to stop CCS and the intellectual incarceration of our children!

    1. Bill Bennett is a turncoat, liar and no friend to the children of this country. Why do we continually pull these old rats out of the closet? Who cares what they have to say since everything they say is a lie. Kissinger, Gingrich, Bennett, Alexander, Rove – turn them off and eventually they will go away! UGH!

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