Whiteboard Advisors Insider Results on Common Core

Whiteboard Advisors did a poll this month of “education insiders.”  They define education insiders as   “influential leaders who are shaping federal education reform, including individuals who or are currently serving as key policy and political “insiders,” such as:

  • Current and former White House and U.S. Department of Education leaders;
  • Current and former Congressional staff;
  • State education leaders including state school chiefs and former governors; and
  • Leaders of major education organizations, think tanks and other key influentials

This month they were tracking measures, growing headwinds for Common Core, and prospects for administration policy proposals.

I wanted to highlight some of the findings related to the Common Core:

  • 78% believe PARCC is on the wrong track, 74% believe Smarter Balanced is as well.
  • 73% believe there will be 15 or fewer states involved in Smarter Balanced which is considerably, with a growing number believing there will 10 or fewer states.
  • 77% believe there will be 15 or fewer states in PARCC with a growing number believing there will be 10 states or less who stay in.  In November of 2012 13% believe there would be 20 states or more… that line of thinking has evaporated.
  • 63% believed states will issue a moratorium on the stakes attached to Common Core Assessments.
  • 74% believe that the proposed Next Generation Science Standards with their positions on climate change or evolution will antagonize conservatives.  (The rest who don’t believe that I would say don’t have a clue and shouldn’t be listened to.)

Anyway this points to the fact we have growing opposition and people are taking notice.  One astute observer noted if sitting governors start bailing on their support the Common Core is finished.  Which makes the RNC resolution all the more significant.  It is going to be very difficult for Republican governors facing reelection to run against the RNC position.

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