What Louisiana Gubernatorial Candidates Have in Common

louisiana-state-flag-2There is no love lost among the candidates vying to become Governor of Louisiana for the Common Core State Standards.

AP reports:

They differ in many ways but the two candidates for governor in Louisiana’s Nov. 21 runoff election share an aversion to the Common Core education standards.

But, after Common Core supporters helped elect a six-member majority to the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, the question is how much change either Democrat John Bel Edwards or Republican David Vitter would be able to affect in the way the state evaluates and tests students.


Edwards, a state representative, is among critics who say it was implemented in Louisiana too quickly and with too little input from Louisiana educators.

Vitter, the state’s senior U.S. senator, once supported the standards but now criticizes them as a federal intrusion. The federal government doesn’t require Common Core, but the Obama administration has backed it with money.

Ok, Edwards’ opposition is a little sketchy since he just opposes how they were implemented so I really don’t know how firm his opposition really is.  We also know Vitter was somewhat late to the party in his opposition, but now seems to be firmly against.

What can either of them do at the offset?  Not much as Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has demonstrated in his fight against them since the judicial branch appears to believe that the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education is superior to the Governor’s office.  With the recent Chamber-bought elections that make up part of the board I’m not holding my breath for any meaningful action anytime soon.