What Does It Take to Stop Common Core? Defund It.

Michael McShane of American Enterprise Institute wrote a guest post at the Washington Post’s education blog, Answer Sheet.  He asked, is it really that easy to block the Common Core State Standards?  He was responding to the Michigan Legislature pausing funding for the Common Core.

To try and stop the Common Core, (Tom) McMillin introduced, along with several other lawmakers, HB 4276, which specifically states, “The state board model core academic curriculum content standards shall not be based upon the Common Core Standards.”

Now, trying to pass a bill to openly thwart the Common Core — which, it should be stated, Republican Governor Rick Snyder supports — is probably a bridge too far. To date, it appears that the bill, like several others throughout the nation, has stalled in committee.

So what is a Senator (sic – he is a State Representative) like McMillin to do? Well, all he needs to do to stop the Common Core is make sure that it doesn’t get funded.

That is exactly what he did.

It appears that McMillan and other House Republicans were able to use the 11th hour conference committee that gets the state budget passed to slip in a provision that prohibited the Michigan Department of Education from funding Common Core implementation. Before folks knew what hit them, the budget was approved, and the die was cast.

In doing so, he knowingly or not created a playbook for Common Core opponents in state houses nationwide. Trying to openly oppose the Common Core by amending state code is extremely difficult. Cutting the legs out from under it in the budget does not appear to be.

A great strategy to implement going forward.  It would have been pretty simple in Kansas as well if it were not for a bureaucrat in the Reviser’s office making a “mistake.”  Other State Legislatures should look to Michigan as a model.  I say, still try repeal bills, but this is a tool that should be in every legislator’s tool box.

“So State Boards of Education – you want the Common Core?  Find a way to fund it yourselves.”