West Virginians Really Don’t Like Common Core

westvirginiaflagpicture2A poll of West Virginians’ attitude toward Common Core was just released and it doesn’t look good for the top-down, one-size-fits-all standards in math and English language arts.

WV Metro News reports:

Fifty-three percent of those questioned recently said they’ve either heard a great deal or a fair amount about the controversial teaching standards. Thirty percent of those questioned had heard very little about Common Core while 17 percent had either heard nothing or weren’t sure.

The poll shows of those who have heard about Common Core, 65 percent have a “very negative” or “somewhat negative” impression of the standards. That’s almost the opposite of a national Gallup poll from April 2014 that showed 39 percent of those polled across the country had a somewhat positive view of Common Core while only 19 percent considered it very negative.

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Further evidence that the more people know about Common Core and when they get past the talking points spouted by the standards defenders the less they like it.