West Virginia Legislators to Push Common Core Repeal Despite Review

westvirginiaflagpicture2The West Virginia Legislature is currently in their June interim period.  Common Core was the topic of discussion during Sunday’s joint education committee meeting, and a draft of a bill to repeal the standards next session was presented.

West Virginia Public Radio reports that Angie Summers of WV Against Common Core and Bonnie Henthorn, a member of a local school board, first presented their concerns:

Both Summers and Henthorn said West Virginia’s version of Common Core, called the Next Generation Content standards, weren’t rigorous enough to prepare students for college or career, but complained parents are not able to help their children with their homework. Both women also expressed concerns over data collection associated with the Smarter Balance Assessment, the standardized test aligned with the standards.

“West Virginia by contract has agreed to allow the federal government ongoing access to our individualized student data,” she told the committee

West Virginia Senate leadership took a strong repeal bill passed in the West Virginia House and watered it down.  The State Superintendent of Schools Michael Martirano says he still favors the standards, but has ordered the West Virginia Department of Education to conduct a review in an attempt to pacify those who opposed them.

Some are pushing for a repeal regardless.

Still, some lawmakers are pushing for repeal, like Senate Education Vice Chair Donna Boley. Members of the Joint Committee were presented with a draft of one repeal bill Sunday.

“The House passed that repeal on a 75-19 vote and if we had the support of our Senate leadership, we would have passed that too so I think that we are going to do that in the next session,” Boley said.

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  1. Every legislator needs to try to do the CC math….they do not have a clue what it is really about! Or how it is confusing our children and affecting their brains….turning lovers of learning into haters of school!

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