Voters Don’t Think Much of K-12 Education System

Poll from Rasmussen… only 21% say high school graduates have the skills necessary for the workforce and even fewer believe, 18%, high school graduates have the skills needed for college.

This survey included 1000 likely voters and has a +/- 3 point margin-of error.  Here are the questions asked:

1* Overall, how would you rate the performance of public schools in America today – excellent, good, fair or poor?

2* Do most high school graduates have the skills needed for college?

3* Do most high school graduates have the skills needed to enter the workforce?

4* Are most school textbooks more concerned about accurately providing information or about presenting information in a politically correct manner?

I think most of us agree that the education system is in desperate need of repair.  Business groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce who support the Common Core will look to this as validation for their efforts.  Those of us who are against the Common Core don’t believe it will change anything mainly because there isn’t any data that will back that up.

I would say if schools would focus on core subjects (it seems as though many are more interested in indoctrination and providing social services), if local control was increased in education, schools were better able to get poor teachers out and good teachers in, and we had true parental choice and control in their child’s education we’d see positive change.

What are your thoughts?