Video: Will You Governor (Kasich)?

“Somehow, they all forgot about the most important part of education, the children.” Josh, age 9

Ohioans Against Common Core has a great video out targeting Governor John Kasich (R-OH) for his support of Common Core.  He’s been the sole Republican Governor still defending the Common Core while others have either backtracked, tried to cover their tracks or have spoken out against it.

As I understand it, the Common Core repeal bill, HB 597, must pass before December 31st while the current legislature is still in session or else they have to start over next year.

Here’s the video:

OACC asks that you post this video on your Facebook page and tag the Governor, using John R. Kasich and share it with every parent you know. Email the video to the Governor and his office, Senate Pres. Faber at and Speaker Batchelder at

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