Video: St. Tammany Parish School Board Rejecting Common Core


Below is the video of the St. Tammany Parish School Board Meeting on October 10th where the board voted 14-0 in favor of a resolution urging Louisiana to drop the Common Core State Standards.

Public comments start at 1:10:00, the board discusses the Common core around 2:25, and the vote is taken at 2:30:00.  You can watch below (FYI – if you subscribe to TAE via email you will have to click to the website to view the video.  We’ve received some questions about that).

HT: Suzette Lopez via email.

2 thoughts on “Video: St. Tammany Parish School Board Rejecting Common Core

  1. I have the video of the bese board meeting that was held in louisiana the week after the st .tammany parish school board meeting. There were many parents and teachers groups who spoke out against common core. The pro common core people ( if you dig deep enough) all wind up at the same money trail which is funded by Bill Gates who incidentally is a college drop out. My personal favorite is the young lady who was so pleased with her education. She graduated before implementation so yes I am sure she was pleased with her education because it was not yet common core. If you look on the louisiana believes website you will only find the pro common core speakers. I found the real undoctored meeting on YouTube. I searched for bese meeting louisiana October 2013. Enjoy!

    1. WOW! I spoke too soon. Do not waste your time looking for the video. It has already been removed. Can’t have those legislatures that you went drink sugary drinks with on October 17,2013 in Mandeville ,LA watching the real video right JOHN WHITE? After all if they knew what parents and educators really thought about the common core initiative/data tracking it might be harder to sell your bill of WORTHLESS goods. Yes everyone TWO DAYS AFTER THE BESE MEETING where parents and educators alike voiced serious concerns with the common core initiative/ data tracking JOHN WHITE tried to sneak into MANDEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL to have a brainwashing session oh sorry I misspoke I mean to have a meeting with the teachers and was slated to address students as well. Certain parents whose children go to Mandeville high Who live on skipper drive( the road that leads to the school) had a big surprise for John white. They had multiple signs in their yards opposing John white and common core. The signs may be viewed on Jason France’s blog ( crazy crawfish)

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