(Video) Educating the Workforce: The Lie We’ve Unwittingly Embraced

This is the first part of a series done by FreedomProject Media. They record a roundtable with two activists that I’m certain most of our readers are familiar: Lynne Taylor from North Carolina and Kirsten Lombard from Wisconsin.

They describe the video:

“Educating” the Workforce: The Lie We’ve Unwittingly Embraced. Private and homeschoolers are increasingly impacted by a national shift away from well-rounded education that promotes independent thinking and toward utilitarian, skills-based training that produces a dependent mindset in attempting to prepare students for the workforce. A discussion of this shift, the role of public-private partnerships in effecting it, and what it means for you and your children.

This is an important discussion as this shift was the precursor to many of the “reforms” we are battling today including Common Core.

Here is part 1. I’ll publish any additional videos as they become available.

One thought on “(Video) Educating the Workforce: The Lie We’ve Unwittingly Embraced

  1. I just went to the bank and handed the young clerk a note with the written name of a friend for her to make out a cashier’s check. Obviously, she was in there twenties. She leaned across the window and whispered, “I never learned to read cursive, could you please print it for me. A graduate of a Florida school!

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