(Video) Christopher Tienken: The School Reform Landscape

Christopher Tienken, an assistant professor of Education Administration at Seton Hall University, just released a video called “The School Reform Landscape.”  This is an excellent video.

Money quote for me: “It is utterly anti-intellectual to think that standardizing knowledge is going to lead to creativity and innovation.  It’s not logical.”

One thought on “(Video) Christopher Tienken: The School Reform Landscape

  1. This fellow makes a few good points, but his backing for them is nonexistent. Cognitive ability IS related to economic growth. I don’t know how he missed the research, but here’s a start: http://educationnext.org/education-and-economic-growth/. Charles Murray also notes this in Real Education, and reviews some of the research there. And standardized tests DO measure the abilities that indicate career and life success (just check out the research on what is correlated with verbal ability, as measured most efficiently by a vocabulary test–you can start there with ED Hirsch).

    Murray is a good person to read on this, because he doesn’t believe in standardizing or nationalizing, either, but he also doesn’t use that to reject what we know about how human brains work and learn. Real Education is short and clear. I’m rereading now. You may want to check it out yourself.

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