Video: Bill Bennett vs. Greg Abbott on Common Core

In case you missed Fox News Sunday (which I always do since it’s Sunday morning and I don’t have cable) there was a debate on Common Core between former U.S. Secretary of Education Bill Bennett and Texas Governor Greg Abbott.  Bennett is for the Common Core, and I should add, has been paid to advocate for them.  Abbott who was recently sworn in replacing Rick Perry notes that Texas has banned Common Core from the state.

Best moment is when Abbott hit Bennett on Common Core math.

“This is going to be easy, frankly. I hope all your viewers will go to Google and plug in ‘9 + 6 Common Core.’ And when you do that, if you just plug in ‘9 + 6 Common Core,’ you will find a video that shows the way that math is taught under Common Core,” Abbot said.

We did the Googling for you…

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