Utah Governor Wants Common Core Reexamined

flying-utah-flag-state-capitolIs Utah Governor Gary Herbert having a change of heart?  One can only hope.

From The Salt Lake Tribune:

Gov. Gary Herbert will ask the attorney general to look into what, if any, federal entanglements have been involved in Utah’s adoption of Common Core State Standards in math and language arts. He’s also convening a group of Utah experts to review the standards from a higher education perspective.

And his office has created a webpage to solicit comments about specific standards from the public.

Herbert said Thursday morning he’s heard positive and negative feedback about the standards — which outline what students should learn in each grade.

But he said it seems both sides are “talking past one another using different terms to describe shared frustrations” and it’s time to try to do something about it.

He said Utah parents, educators and school board members are the ones who “should determine what is taught and how it is taught.”

“I state unequivocally today that we will not cede that responsibility to anyone else,” Herbert said. “We as a state need to resolve these contentious matters.”

Ok Utahns here is another chance to weigh in.