Update on Kansas Anti-Common Core Bill


2nd Update: There will be a hearing TOMORROW (March 21st) at 12:00 PM Room 112-N of the Kansas State Capitol.

Update: Ok, evidently the bill is now back in the Education Committee.  I’m not sure what that means.

Here are the members of the education committee.

Original: I was emailed by a reader in Kansas about the status of the anti-Common Core bill currently active in the Kansas Legislature.  HB 2289 has been moved from the Kansas House Education Committee to the House Committee on Appropriations.  According to one of the bill’s sponsor, State Representative John Bradford (R-Lansing) they were up against calendar deadlines for introducing legislation and this was a way to keep the bill moving forward.

I was told that they may be discussing and voting on this by the end of the week, so it is important that Kansans are heard.  Here is the list of members of the committee.