Two Pro-Common Core State Reps in Indiana Defeated in Primary

Two pro-Common Core incumbent State Representatives were defeated in yesterday’s Indiana Republican Primary.  WSBT reports:

Rep. Rebecca Kubacki of Syracuse and Rep. Kathy Heuer of Columbia City both lost to challengers who argued they weren’t conservative enough….

They then point out the two defeated incumbents position against Indiana’s gay marriage ban.  While certainly that was an issue (having lived in Indiana I know that would be an unpopular position to take), Common Core was as well.  Heather Crossin and Erin Tuttle of Hoosiers Against Common Core wrote a letter to the editor of the local paper in those House Districts  endorsing challengers Curt Nisly who defeated State Representative Kubacki and Christopher Judy who defeated State Representative Heuer.

I’m not saying that their endorsement was the silver bullet, but it does indicate Common Core was a wedge issue in that primary as well.

One thought on “Two Pro-Common Core State Reps in Indiana Defeated in Primary

  1. We really need to remember that the Tea Party (the original one) was about taxes and taxation without representation. NOT religion. If primary winners concentrate on why Common Core is dangerous educationally, not spiritually, and the miserable state of our country here and worldwide, they’ll win. If not, they’ll lost just as the prior primary winners did in Nevada, etc.

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