Two Divergent Polls on Common Core

Two polls were released this week.  A poll taken of Republican voters the Washington Examiner said poses a “conundrum for conservatives.”

There are lies, damned lies and political polling.

As pollster John McLaughlin, whose firm did the survey writes in an op-ed for the Washington Examiner:

“Initially, the reaction to Common Core among Republicans was mixed — 33 percent support the standards, and only 41 percent oppose them. However, if you believe that Common Core will be a polarizing issue for Republican voters, you are wrong.

“After we read a neutral description of what Common Core Standards are — ‘a set of standards in Math and English which state what a child should know in both subjects by the end of each grade of school they complete’ — support among all voters soared to 64 percent versus only 29 percent who were opposed.

Sure after you give advocate talking points and don’t point out the problems with the Common Core that sound good.  People buy into platitudes and talking points.  Don’t mention these are one-size fits all nationalized standards implemented without legislative grants of approval, foisted by the U.S. Department of Education, etc…. well let’s just say opinions may change.

Frankly a UConn poll also released this week states that the more one knows about the Common Core the less they like it and more they think it won’t work.  See you have to get beyond the Gates/NGA/CCSSO talking points.

The survey found that just 39 percent of Americans have heard of the much-debated initiative, which includes 44 of 50 states, compared to 95 percent who’ve heard of No Child Left Behind, an earlier federal effort to improve education outcomes.

Those who do know about Common Core, though, are generally skeptical of the initiative’s ability to boost the quality of American education. Just 33 percent believe adopting Common Core standards will increase the quality of education in their communities, compared to 27 percent who say it will have no effect, and 30 percent who say it will actually be detrimental.

Similarly, only 29 percent of respondents who know about Common Core think it will increase the number of students who attend college, and 33 percent say the initiative will mean that more of those Americans who graduate college will be ready for a career.

Overall, 38 percent believe Common Core is a good policy, compared to 44 percent who believe the opposite.

The skepticism about Common Core is generally consistent across demographic groups, except when it comes to political affiliation and ideology, notes UConn Poll director Jennifer Necci Dineen.

“In general, Democrats and liberals are more likely than anyone else to regard Common Core positively, while Republicans and conservatives are far more wary,” she said. “That suggests people are seeing this issue at least partly in partisan political terms, rather than evaluating the initiative on its own merits.”

Regarding seeing the issue through partisan political terms cuts both ways.  I know a good number of liberals who see the initiative on its own merits who don’t like it.  Anyway, as far as Republicans go, this polls states the opposite of what McLaughlin & Associates state.  Also only 39% know about the Common Core which explains the McLaughlin poll as well.  If you don’t much about a particular policy you’re easily swayed by a benign description.  Plus… not to miss the big news from that number – only 39% know anything about the Common Core still, as they are being rolled out.  Transparent process of implementation my foot!

Here’s all you need to know about the McLaughlin poll, it was commissioned by the Collaborative for Student Success, and guess who funds them?  Oh yeah Bill Gates.  Independent pollsters and polls bring different results, and that is frankly who we should be paying attention to when it comes to reliable polling.

To borrow from Mark Twain there are lies, damned lies, and political polling.

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  1. Stop Common Core… It is Obamacare for Education… It is Nationalized Education and it is NOT the answer. TEACH don’t TEST THEM to DEATH!

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