Two Alabama State Senators Flip Flopped on SB190

No sooner than I published on Dr. Tommy Bice’s press conference yesterday a reader in Alabama informed me that there were two State Senators on the Alabama Senate Education Committee had changed their positions.  They were evidently swayed by Dr. Bice’s comments their actions  effectively killed SB190 in committee.

The State Senators in question were identified by this reader as:

So If you’re an Alabama resident I’d encourage you to drop them a line or give them a jingle so they can explain themselves.

Photo Credit: Larry Miller via Flickr (CC-By-NC-ND 2.0)

2 thoughts on “Two Alabama State Senators Flip Flopped on SB190

  1. Terribly, terribly upset that the GOP controlled Senate did not live up to their (so called) Conservative values. The AEA and State Board of Education have spent their $$$$ well!!

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