This Wave is Coming to Kill Common Core

Via the Tampa Bay Times – “Common Core curriculum standards spark political firestorm

An excerpt:

That wasn’t always the case. When the initiative launched in 2009, lawmakers from both parties, teachers unions, parent groups and business associations supported it. They made the argument that national standards would raise the bar for students across the country and enable educators to compare student performance across state lines.

But fractures began forming this year, when the Obama administration ramped up its efforts to promote the new benchmarks.

The unions expressed concerns over how educators would be evaluated during the rollout and whether they would be adequately prepared. Critics on the right, meanwhile, identified the Common Core as an example of federal overreach and drew comparisons to Obamacare. They also took issue with federal money being tied to the standards.

Other concerns surfaced about the quality of the standards themselves and how student data would be collected, distributed and protected.

When tea party groups like Florida Parents Against Common Core began mobilizing this summer, state education leaders braced for the political fallout.

This wave is coming to kill Common Core,” Board of Education member Kathleen Shanahan said in May.

Florida’s push toward Common Core suffered a bruising setback this month when state Education Commissioner Tony Bennett resigned in the aftermath of a school grades controversy in his home state of Indiana. Bennett was among the most outspoken advocates of the standards and had been guiding the state Education Board through the firestorm. (emphasis mine)

It’s easy to support standards back in 2009 that had not been written yet (and these groups represented special interests, not ordinary citizens).  We are against the Common Core because we know what’s in them.  I’ve talked with very few people who liked the standards the more they learned about them.  We don’t like how they’ve been implemented, and we don’t believe in dataless reform.  A wave is coming to kill Common Core and we are relentless.