The Verdict Is Still Out: Indiana Releases Final Draft of New Standards

Indiana release the final draft of their new proposed academic standards.  You can read them here.  You can seen national evaluator input into the previous draft here.  Evaluators included:

  • Dr. Sandra Stotsky – E/LA
  • Dr. Terrence Moore, Hillsdale College – E/LA
  • Joanne Eresh of Achieve – E/LA
  • Dr. James Milgram of Stanford University – Math
  • Hung-His Wu from UC Berkeley – Math
  • Kaye Forgione of Achieve – Math

These will be “education roundtable” will release their review and evaluation on April 21st.  The Indiana State Board of Education will discuss on April 28th.

The verdict is still out on the quality of these standards.   Will these be first class or is this just a rebranding?