The Michigan Senate Votes to Defund the Common Core (Updated: Jumped The Gun)


Update: I was just told that today’s education omnibus budget did NOT contain language for defunding the Common Core that they will be voting on that next week.  Sorry for jumping the gun, I thought I had reliable information and didn’t realize there was more than one education spending bill.

Also, I learned that Governor Snyder will not be able to line-item veto this particular language so when the Senate does pass (hopefully) be sure to contact them, he will have to veto the entire bill.

Original: The Michigan Senate just passed the education omnibus budget which included language blocking funding for implementing the Common Core State Standards on a 25 to 12 vote.  The Michigan House voted for the measure yesterday.

The budget will now go to Governor Rick Snyder who has expressed support for the Common Core.  It will be interesting to see how he responds.  Will he veto a the $15 billion dollar budget which will fund the state’s public schools, community colleges and universities – especially as it includes $65 million for an early childhood education initiative that he has been pushing?  The Governor does have line item veto power in an appropriations bill.  What I’m not clear on is whether or not he can use it in this instance.  It’s one thing to veto a measure in order to defund it; it’s quite another to say to the legislature they have to fund an item.  If he can veto this language the Legislature has to have a 2/3 majority in order to override the veto.

You can contact Governor Snyder’s office here to let him know your thoughts.

Photo credit: Michigan Capitol via Wikimedia Commons (CC By 2.0)