The Media Missed Out on Common Core

Conservative radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt made a few observations in about the Common Core State Standards based on recent interviews he did on the subject with Emmett McGroarty of American Principles Project, Jay Matthews of the Washington Post and others.

He pointed out federal involvement, data collection, the money that has been involved, but it was his statement about the media that jumped out at me.

My last observation is not about the Common Core but about the MSM: It has again largely missed –wholly missed in some places– a major story from the world of education which their readers and watchers are finding about via new media. Jay Mathews of course was up to speed, but this is front page stuff with great story potential (follow the money, again) and enormous implications or state and local politics and indeed for federal elections in the next cycle.

Very true some states, like my home state of Iowa, have not seen even local coverage (outside of my writing on the subject).  This is definitely a story that has been broken by blogs.

And only a few of us were wearing pajamas doing it.

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