The Damage That Common Core Has Caused

Will Common Core kill students' love of reading?Photo credit: Kate Ter Haar (CC-By-2.0)
Will Common Core kill students’ love of reading?
Photo credit: Kate Ter Haar (CC-By-2.0)

Peter Wood of the National Association of Scholars wrote an article last week with the grim prognosis that the damage caused by Common Core will be with us for years to come.

It is like a house with an underwater mortgage: The United States has invested so much in Common Core that it can’t easily get out. The investments include very large amounts spent on textbooks, computers to support the Common Core tests, and teacher training. The investment also includes some hard-to-quantify things: the squandered opportunity, the huge expenditure of political capital, the disaffection of millions of parents, and the psychological harm to students who face spending many more years living out the classroom consequences of a discredited educational experiment.

Students face those extra years of miseducation simply because there is no easy exit from Common Core. The textbooks and computers have been purchased, and the teachers have been trained. Even the states running for the exit door have a long wind-down ahead of them.

He outlines some of the outcomes we’ll suffer through even with a repeal.

  • Demoting literature
  • Slowing down math instruction
  • Promises broken
  • Cutting parents out – this in my opinion is one of the most damaging outcomes from Common Core.

Be sure to read his whole piece.

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