The Common Core Opposition Video Georgia Lawmakers Won’t See in Committee

Below is a great video produced by members of Georgia’s grassroots Common Core opposition and a professional videographer.  This video features featuring parents, kids, teachers a psychotherapist and a school board chair discussing the shortcomings of the Common Core.  It was put together to present at the final House Study Committee on the Federal Government in Education meeting to be held tomorrow (10/21) in Atlanta.  I was told by an activist in Georgia that it was accepted and placed on their agenda last Tuesday, but then she was notified that it was removed from the agenda last Thursday.

This is unfortunate on a variety of levels.  Here’s the video that Georgia lawmakers won’t see (during their meeting) tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “The Common Core Opposition Video Georgia Lawmakers Won’t See in Committee

  1. GA State Superintendent Barge was heard to comment, well over a month ago (before the committee had heard any anti-Common Core testimony) that the committee’s work was pretty much done. So why waste time on a video (an excellent one!) that contradicts what the report probably already says?

  2. Nearly every member of the committee has ties to a pro-CC group. Chamber of Commerce, GSBA, Jeb Bush, StudentsFirst…they are ALL represented on the committee. Thank you Shane for sharing our hard work and thank you Jane for liking it!!

  3. I want a concrete number. I want the pushers – I want the leaders of Georgia, who want this, and all the other states’ leaders who want this fail for our children to give us a number of how many years of our children’s lives we will throw away before these people put their egos aside and say, “We blew it, this is not the way to teach.” Or, they could give us the number of children in emotional distress because it looks like we will hit that number sooner. This is just heart breaking.

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