Thanks Shannon Joy for the Shoutout on Glenn Beck

Radio personality and New York Mom, Shannon Joy, was a guest on the Glenn Beck Show on Friday to discuss Common Core with guest host Mike Opelka. I appreciate the topic being discussed on a national media outlet because if you receive notifications on Common Core through Google or some other means you know it is being discussed less and less.

A lot of that has to do with the rebranding that is going on at the state level.

I appreciate it being discussed. (You can listen to the whole interview here).

Shannon does us the honor of a shoutout at the end of the segment which you can listen to below. She also recommends Jane Robbins with American Principles Project, Neal McClusky with Cato Institute, and Duke Pesta with FreedomProject Media.

Thanks, Shannon!

One thought on “Thanks Shannon Joy for the Shoutout on Glenn Beck

  1. Shannon has been great and very consistent in her opposition with her advocacy against common core. Very appreciated! Her show is Noon to 1p weekdays ET on WYSL in Rochester, NY. She’s a guest host for Steve Deace, on his panel and has been on Glenn Beck. Her show has been growing and it’s easy to see why.

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